Combining dreams with passion and making them reality ...

   My name is Haley Krocker and as of January 2017 I have received my Master's Degree in Special Education and have obtained my license to teach as an Early Intervention Specialist. In February of 2016, I found myself in a position needing a purpose, a way to give back. Something life changing. Africa had always been dream... children and special needs a passion. After much research, I found an organization that combined dreams with passion and made them a reality. I went through IVHQ (International Volunteers Headquarters), who then connected me with NVS in Kenya. In July of 2016, I spent 3 weeks working with special needs children at Ongata Rongai Special Home Care. At that time there are 25 children who lived there full-time. This is mainly due to the belief in the Kenyan culture every family member must be a working and active member of society. This mentality leaves those with special needs, in most cases, homeless.
In May of 2017 I left again to work with the same school (Ongata Rongai Special Home Care and Training Centre), that year I spent 6 weeks there. Unknowing to me I had already made a difference from the previous year. My first day back at the school I had noticed the children were receiving bucket showers, more frequent diaper changes, and better care in general. My host family, who runs and operates the school, had sat me down to let me know the impact I had had the previous year on childcare.  In 2017 I had the opportunity to accomplish many amazing things, mainly due to the benefit I had the past May (2017) and my previous experience. I was able to provide them with 3 months of nonperishable supplies, such as diapers, wipes, rice, and beans. I was able to take one child to a psychiatrist and get him properly diagnosed and on the correct medication,  this upcoming year I will be able to begin teaching him life skills. These skills include eating with a sppon ad fork and potty training.I took another child to an audiologist, who was previously thought to be deaf, to learn she is not. This year I wil be working towards getting her hearing aids. For the first time in 11 years, this child will be able to hear and eventually learn to communicate. Mainly I was able to provide these children with love, something that gets lost with all the daily routines that happen in order to maintain a life for these children and young adults.
I will be returning this April to coninue to work with each child and providing medical, nutritional and emotional care. i  have recently received my letter from the IRS confirming I am a federally recognized non-profit, a 50 (c)(3). This will allow me to continue doing amazing work for this school, with the hopes of having an on call doctor and/or nurse, a medical fund at a local hospital, and continue providing them with a healthy diet and medical supplies. Because of all of you here today you will continue to help me achieve these goals and dreams. I am so grateful to have been offered this experience and work with such an amazing group of children and young adults.