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Where a special needs child will inspire you to be a special kind of person

Why Godfrey?

 So why The Godfrey Project? Godfrey was a young man I absolutely fell in love with my first year in Kenya. Once back in the United States I hired an immigration attorney to work through the process of an adult adoption. This process came to a halt when I realized obtaining information needed would be easier once back in Kenya. With my bags packed, paperwork ready and a week to go I received an e-mail from my host dad. I had received the devastating news that through all the battles of Godfrey's blood infections his little body had no fight left. With 10 days until I arrived in Kenya I realized this child I had come to love, who was my inspiration for coming back and really trying to make a difference in the following year, would not be there to greet me with his smiling face. Godfrey was a joy to everyone at the school, children staff and volunteers alike. I felt since he was my inspiration there was no better way to honor him than to make him apart of this non-profit, one that aims to help those special needs children in 3rd world countries to have the fighting chance they deserve.