2018 a year for medicine

2018's Story

     2018 was a year like no other. After the benefit in April, which was a huge success, I was packed and ready to go to face any and all challenges this upcoming year would bring. What I was unprepared for was learning as much as I did.

      Upon arrival in Kenya, and the center, I was overjoyed to see everyone again especially the 20 amazing children I had missed so much over the past year. A few days after being there several children stated to show symptoms of the flu. Before I knew it in 4 days I had taken over 9 children  to the local hospital. Through this I learned a lot about the local healthcare, or lack there of. I had purchased deworming medicine for a;; the children, to rule out any type of worms that may be causing any of their symptoms. The younger children were all tested for Malaria and all luckily came back negative. After roughly two weeks all the children were back to thier lively, healthy and happy selves. From all the doctors visits I had for two weeks I had to pleasure of meeting Doctor Kevin. He quickly become interested in the center, the children, and what I was trying to do. For the next month we partnered up to help certain children gain weight, improve their nutrition (especially their iron count, most if not all are anemic), and we worked together to improve living conditions. He became my godsend.

     Once things were back in order with the children's health I was told there was a bed bug infestation.  I had brought in exterminators to get rid of the bugs, bought all new matresses and  and blankets and we continued to do a deep clean to try and help improve each child's health. 

     The one part that made this year particularly special for me was Naomi. Naomi was 16 and brought in from a rural part of Kenya by some women from her local church. Henry had diagnosed her with muscular dystrophy, which at first made perfect sense. I began to do deeper research of muscular dystrophy to find out how to help he. I reached out to friends back home for ideas and information, I also reached out to Doctor Kevin. After much research and meetings with the doctor we came to realize muscular dystrophy was the wrong diagnosis for this child, but were unsure of what was causing her paralysis. From here we began our doctors visits. Please click the link to your right to read all of Naomi's story and how all of you who donated helped to save a child's life.

     This year was a whilrwind for myself. I learned more in six week than I though would be possible. Again, as in the past, fresh fruit and vegetables were bought daily for the children. Vitamins were given and left to be continued. My bond with these 20 children only grew stronger this year along with my drive to continue to help special needs children in 3rd world countries. I look forward to seing what 2019 has to offer. 

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